Whether you live in the city or the countryside, nothing beats relaxing outdoors on a warm summer night while watching your backyard landscaping ideas come to life.

The cost, difficulty, and planning involved in re-landscaping your entire backyard can be back-breaking, expensive, and require major preparation.

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Here’s a simple solution:
Each year, divide your backyard into “rooms” and remodel one of these rooms.

Budget-conscious homeowners can use this strategy effectively. Your results will be much better if you spend as much time and money as you can on one project, rather than trying to revamp the entire backyard all at once for the same amount of money.

It’s important to keep in mind that you need an overall plan even if you’re landscaping only one section at a time. Lay out on graph paper all the permanent structures on your property, including the house, deck, outdoor structure, and trees.

Consider creating several copies of your sketch and experimenting with different designs. Get inspiration from magazines and gardens you’ve visited.

Keeping your yard open and planting along the border is probably a better choice if you enjoy cooking out often. For a nice comfy feeling, you could create an island bed, walkways, solar lighting and comfortable seating if you don’t have the space.

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You may like these ideas:

Screening with Plants

flower bedIf your yard doesn’t have a fence, you should install a hedge of hawthorn, juniper, arborvitae, or a combination of these shrubs to create privacy and provide a backdrop for future flowerbeds. Additionally, strategically placed evergreen screens will act as a windbreak against winter winds and drifting snow.

Planning a Border Flower Bed

Choosing flowers that complement each other in height and color is the most difficult part of designing a border. Perennials listed are for a six-foot wide bed in a mostly sunny location. In this case, wide means outward from the plant screen or fence, rather than the length of the bed.

Allow 16″–18″ between each plant and 3 or 5 plants for each type of flower. Keep groups of plants at a distance of 20″–22″. It is more visually appealing to plant an odd number of plants than an even number.

Make sure there is enough space at the back of the bed for access. Also, this will prevent plants at the back from being cut off from necessary air and light.

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Suggestions for a perennial border:
They are selected to give a long display, with the first flowers appearing in April and the last appearing in October.

Tall plants for the back row:
Among the species are SEDUMA ‘Autumn Joy’; RUDBECKIA Goldsturm; PHLOX White; IRIS light blue or yellow; VERONICA Blue; and SOLODAGO ‘Golden Shower’.

Shorter plants for the front row:
ASTER Dwarf Blue; SEDUM Dragons Blood; ACHILLEA ‘Moonshine’; and ERIGERON ‘Prosperity’.

Obviously, these plants won’t be suitable in all climates. The Comfortable Lazy Garden is a worthwhile book to help you choose plants native to your climate zone. Beginners can also use it as a resource.

Island Bed

An island bed, as its name suggests, is located in the center of the yard, surrounded by grass. Its shape and size can be determined by your imagination and available space. The tallest plants should be at the center and the shortest plants at the edge.

Preplanned Gardens

garden maintenanceGardening novices can be overwhelmed by all of this Latin jargon. If you are looking for a ready-made solution, schedule an appointment with Landscaping Meridian Idaho where we offer a variety of preplanned gardens designed to take all the guesswork out of plant selection and placement.

Water Feature

Imagine the reflection of a pond or the sound of a man-made waterfall.

In addition to enhancing curb appeal, water features can increase the value of a home, reduce noise pollution (because of the noise of running water overpowering outside noises), increase humidity in dry regions, and result in improved air quality.

Don’t Neglect Your Yard

Visit a local garden center for advice on drainage and soil preparation before you buy any vegetation. Additionally, you should bring a copy of your plan, a soil sample, and an extra credit card just in case you can’t wait years for your backyard landscaping dreams to come true!

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