Bird watching can be a fascinating hobby. While you’re at it, perhaps you wonder how you can keep your yard full of regular “visitors” without spending too much money on expensive foliage, feeders, and food.

We at Landscaping Meridian Idaho have compiled some tips to assist you in creating a backyard sanctuary that is sure to attract birds without draining your wallet.

1. Invest in a Birdbath

There are many different kinds of birdbaths available with prices ranging from 10 dollars for the plastic ones to hundreds of dollars for the sculpted concrete ones with lights and a waterfall. Birds are drawn to water; the glitter of sunlight catches their eyes and sends them flying in. In other words, the cheap one works just as well as the expensive one. Try looking for a good used birdbath at yard sales in your neighborhood if you must have a better model.

2. Install a squirrel-proof bird feeder

The cost of a squirrel-proof birdfeeder ranges between 25 and 30 dollars. Feeder doors close without injuring squirrels when squirrel paws are placed on them. Because birds are light, they can easily access the feeder and dine in comfort. By using a more expensive feeder, you will end up saving on wasted food that squirrels will no longer consume.

3. Buy quality seeds

Many seeds on the market are just filler seed, especially if they are dirt cheap. It is worth spending a little more money on black oil sunflower seeds, as birds are attracted to this type of seed. A 50 lb bag is usually available at home centers. For an initial supply of seed, you will only need a five-pound bag and spend about $6.

4. Hang Suet

Even though suet can be pricey, if you buy in bulk, you can get it for as low as 70 cents per block. Another 2 or 3 dollars should cover the cost of a suet holder. Consider placing the suet a fair distance from the bird feeder, but not too far away so that you won’t notice the birds flying between the feeder and the suet, and then onto the birdbath.

5. Provide Cover

Most likely, you already have plenty of greenery in your yard, unless it is a barren landscape. There needs to be a place for birds to rest, a place for them to explore your property, and something to keep cats out. Make your garden a safe haven for your feathered friends by rearranging the shrubbery.

After everything is in place, you should be able to attract birds almost right away. Those who live in places frequented by chickadees, house finches, cardinals, nuthatches, goldfinches, grosbeaks, bluejays, and titmice can expect them to come and feast on your sunflower seeds. Wrens, nuthatches, and flickers will frequent your suet.

Bringing the wonders of God’s feathered creations to your backyard can transform your yard, allowing you to join the majority of people who enjoy this hobby.

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