Lawn Care and Maintenance in Meridian ID

 Lawn Care & Maintenance

Our team at Landscaping Meridian Idaho understands that regular landscape maintenance will ensure your lawn’s health and appearance for many years to come. As a lawn service specialist, you can expect our team to provide exceptional lawn care every week throughout the year, allowing you to enjoy your beautifully maintained yard all year round.

The following services and maintenance programs are available from Landscaping Meridian Idaho:

  • Maintain a weekly lawn mowing and trimming schedule during the growing seasons
  • Provide fertilization to all lawn areas with a balanced fertilizer formula to promote beautiful green turf and strong roots
  • Control weeds with preemergent herbicides and selective herbicides
  • Throughout the year, apply insecticides and fungicides as needed

Flower beds, shrubs, and groundcover

  • Maintain a well-groomed appearance by cultivating and weeding as needed to stimulate the growth of plant material
  • Ensure proper development and maintain a healthy, vigorous appearance by fertilizing and applying the appropriate chemicals
  • Integrated pest management for plant materials
  • Using a soft pruning technique, trim and prune shrubs and groundcovers, taking into account the design and intent of the plants
  • As needed, fertilize seasonal colors to maximize their effect

We provide a customized approach to lawn service, giving careful attention to the unique needs of your property. All of your lawn care work will be performed by our experienced Landscaping Meridian Idaho crew members.

To schedule an appointment, please complete the Landscaping Meridian Idaho online form. We look forward to taking care of your lawn and maintaining it to reflect a well-manicured landscape you can be proud of.