Ponds & fountains can be build to sparkle, a whole pond brought to life from the inside, an impressive statue can be highlighted, or a particularly beautiful tree can be brought to life.

Outside or inside lighting can be use for garden fountains. For your protection, make sure all devices are connected to a GFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter device)

Trying out different effects with an extension cord or a strong flashlight before you buy garden fountain lights is a good idea. Keep it simple and subtle. Remember to keep your eyes on elegance so that your garden fountain doesn’t become an amusement park.

Different types of garden fountain lights produce different effects, so depending upon how you position them, almost all designs require lights with dark, subdued casings. Chrome steel or white casings can be distracting, especially during the day.

Fountain lights add drama to a sprayer, whether they are white or colored. Some garden fountain lights come with transparent rolls of different colors as well. Although colorful light is attractive, it could easily become tacky if it is not sparingly.

Some garden fountain lights come with timers that allow you to turn the lights on and off automatically. Lighting setups can also be setup with an independent timer. By using a timer, not only do you save on your electricity bill, but you also save on regularizing your lights.

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A guide to placing your garden fountain lights

fountain lightsWhenever you set up your pond or fountain lights, always avoid shining them directly on the water since that will produce a harsh glare. For lights to function properly in ponds, the water must be reasonably clean. Muddy water obstructs too much light and diminishes the effectiveness of the light significantly.

Allow dark areas where fish can hide from the light in your water garden if there are fish. Crevices are essential to the safety of fish. Do not light up the entire pond, especially at night. Place out-of-water lights to hide their casings and cords under a deck, behind a stone, or tucked into the foliage of a shrub.

Whatever lighting you choose, be considerate of how it affects your neighbors. Make sure it doesn’t shine into their homes.

Installation of Low Power Garden Fountain Lights

Low-power landscape lights are easier to install than traditional 120-volt lights, even for beginners. The low voltage also makes them relatively safe. Lighting kits with instruction manuals are available for a number of low-voltage lighting schemes.

Installing a low-voltage system involves installing a transformer that reduces the regular home current from one hundred twenty volts to twelve volts. The transformer should be installed near the GFI outlet closest to the water feature, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

GFIs should be used even for 12-volt systems to prevent shocks. Transformers are usually plugged into an outlet and mounted next to it.

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